Current Grantees

We encourage grantees to regularly communicate with their assigned program officer, who is their lead contact at the Foundation.


Grantee organizations are required to submit a final report at the end of the grant period. Final reports are typically due two months following the end date of the grant period. For multi-year grants, a progress report is due near the end of the first grant year.

Grantees will find the report form and due date in the Foundation’s online grants-management portal. Go to Foundation: My Grant Requirements and click on the Progress Reports Due tab to view your assigned reports.

Reminder emails are sent to the contact on the grant record prior to the report due date. If the contact on the grant changes during the grant period, please alert Foundation staff. If you have questions or need assistance with reporting, please contact Janet Jablonske, grants manager, at or (651) 662-7417.

Yes, if you are a funded organization, please be sure to read, sign and return the logo guidelines form to Janet Jablonske, grants manager, at Upon receipt of the signed form, an electronic version of our logo will be emailed to the requester.

Grantees can make revisions within their original project budget — as long as changes are 10 percent or less of the whole project budget and the total overall project budget amount does not change. Any revision requests that are more than 10 percent of the budget require a written request to the Foundation program officer assigned to the grant. Program officers are authorized to approve revisions up to 20 percent. Revision requests in excess of 20 percent require consultation and approval by the Foundation’s executive director.

Grantees must discuss carryover or a no-cost extension requests with their assigned Foundation program officer. The program officer will communicate to the grantee organization via email if the request is approved or denied.

If requesting a carryover on a two-year grant, the grantee should submit by email to their program officer an updated Year 2 budget that reflects plans to spend the carryover amount in addition to their anticipated second-year payment.