Northcountry Cooperative Foundation (NCF) has focused on working with residents in manufactured home communities (mobile home parks) to assist them in becoming resident owned. In a typical manufactured home community, residents own their homes, but not the land beneath the homes. Because of this, they are always at risk of displacement and regular rent increases. Residents in these communities are also not given a voice in the ways their communities should be run, such as community management, operations and maintenance. Northcountry Cooperative

Northcountry Cooperative Foundation supports these residents to cooperatively purchase and manage the land their manufactured homes exist on. NCF was awarded $40,000 from the Foundation to do this important work. 

The community and home that you live in contribute to your health. Through ownership of their communities, residents have the ability to control the spaces that they call home.

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Casa de Esperanza's focus on listening and learning allows for change to come from within the community, based on people’s needs and the strategies they develop.

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Northside Achievement Zone recognizes that education is key to better health and is working with families to ensure that children are on a solid path toward college.

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Grantee Northcountry Cooperative Foundation was recently featured in a news story "Taking Control: MN Mobile Home Residents Seek Park Ownership."

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The Foundation has awarded $1.5 million across the state for creative work to address social and economic influences that affect health.

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