Nonprofit Capacity Building Grants: Management Improvement Fund

We have partnered with The Saint Paul Foundation to offer capacity building grants to nonprofits across Minnesota through the Management Improvement Fund. Qualified nonprofits can apply for grants to support projects that strengthen organizations through strategic planning, program evaluation, governance, racial equity, financial planning and more. Only a small percentage of grant dollars in the state are dedicated to capacity building, despite high need and interest from nonprofits. To learn more, click here.

Healthy Communities 2017: Health Equity in Action
Healthy Communities 2017 application has closed. The deadline for applications was March 30, 2017 at 4 p.m. Central Time. 
To see information regarding the specific guidelines, eligibility, and focus of this year’s funding opportunity, click here

What We Fund

Our 2015–2018 strategic plan focuses on community health outcomes — specifically, greater opportunity for everyone in communities to achieve their full health potential, leading to greater health equity across the state. We continue to learn from funded programs and are investing more heavily in partnerships, changing whole systems, infrastructures and attitudes that influence policy and practice in order to create a lasting impact on health.

What's Going on at The Blue Cross Foundation

Casa de Esperanza's focus on listening and learning allows for change to come from within the community, based on people’s needs and the strategies they develop.

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Northside Achievement Zone recognizes that education is key to better health and is working with families to ensure that children are on a solid path toward college.

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Grantee Northcountry Cooperative Foundation was recently featured in a news story "Taking Control: MN Mobile Home Residents Seek Park Ownership."

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The Foundation has awarded $1.5 million across the state for creative work to address social and economic influences that affect health.

Who Got Grants?