Living Wages and Workplace Safety Inform Health

Stress about employment and job security can be all consuming. We know that access to employment and job specific skills training serve as an important buffer for future negative health outcomes. Similarly, policies supporting workplace health and safety are vital for ensuring community health. Through our grantmaking, we support nonprofits that provide resources to learn about employment opportunities, access support, and navigate attainable pathways for well paying jobs within their communities.  

Grantee Spotlight: Linking Young People to Opportunities

United Way of Steele County works with students, area businesses and others to prepare high school seniors to enter the workforce upon graduation. Click on the Grantee Spotlight on this page to learn more about this project.


What's Going on at The Blue Cross Foundation

Casa de Esperanza's focus on listening and learning allows for change to come from within the community, based on people’s needs and the strategies they develop.

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Northside Achievement Zone recognizes that education is key to better health and is working with families to ensure that children are on a solid path toward college.

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Grantee Northcountry Cooperative Foundation was recently featured in a news story "Taking Control: MN Mobile Home Residents Seek Park Ownership."

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The Foundation has awarded $1.5 million across the state for creative work to address social and economic influences that affect health.

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