How We Fund

Our grantmaking process is shaped by insights from our past and current partners as well as members of the communities we serve. During our grant review process, we engage community reviewers who share their expertise to inform our funding. We know our work is stronger when it’s shaped by many voices.

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to community, health equity and grantmaking. We communicate with our partners and encourage an ongoing open dialogue about areas of useful additional support, aspects that may not be going as anticipated, and ways we can learn together to make the changes we all hope to see.

We aim to do more than just provide grants; we build relationships, and we provide support for our grantees every step of the way.

Throughout our partnership, we provide supplemental support. Examples of support we have made available in the past include:

  • Assisting with introductions and fostering connections
  • Providing mentoring and facilitation
  • Sharing data and collaborating to create evaluation plans
  • Granting additional funding for emerging opportunities