The Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota Foundation strives to help communities across the state of Minnesota overcome unfair and unjust barriers to health through our distinct focus on the fundamental issues that affect health most.

The Foundation strives to improve health in communities throughout Minnesota by improving the conditions in which we live, learn, work and play. Through our relationships with our community partners and through research, we know that the social and economic determinants of health drive health outcomes and have impact long before the need for medical care. The five social and economic determinants of health central to our work are:

  • Community Safety
  • Education 
  • Employment
  • Income
  • Family and Social Support

The Foundation’s goal is to make a healthy difference in communities. We invest in efforts that have the greatest return in those communities most impacted by health inequities. We seek to engage with the communities we serve — inspiring trust, confidence and goodwill.

We are partners with nonprofits, working closely with organizations that are deeply rooted in their community, and their work drives the systems changes we strive to make toward health equity. We believe health equity is an imperative, and our work reflects that conviction. 


What's Going on at The Blue Cross Foundation

Casa de Esperanza's focus on listening and learning allows for change to come from within the community, based on people’s needs and the strategies they develop.

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Northside Achievement Zone recognizes that education is key to better health and is working with families to ensure that children are on a solid path toward college.

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Grantee Northcountry Cooperative Foundation was recently featured in a news story "Taking Control: MN Mobile Home Residents Seek Park Ownership."

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The Foundation has awarded $1.5 million across the state for creative work to address social and economic influences that affect health.

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